International Whistling Entertainer of the Year Award

International Whistling Entertainer of the Year
Award Presentation Speech

International Whistling Convention
Louisburg, North Carolina
9 April 2011

"For 2011, the female nominee for the IWC Entertainer of the Year Award is an internationally known whistler and musician. From sea to sea she is a distinguished ambassador for the art of whistling. Among her talents is accompanying her whistling on auto-harp or harp and performs on cruise ships such as the Queen Mary. She attended the yearly MLAG (Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering) cruise on the Holland American Eurodam where she performed as a whistler and auto-harpist with other traditional musicians.

To illustrate her international diversity for whistling she performed in her home city of Toronto, Canada, at a St. George's Day celebration for members of the Toronto Serbian community. Additionally she performed at a variety of cultural groups such as the Diwali/Eid, a celebration of the end of Ramadan.

In 2009 her whistling/auto-harp CD version of the Huron Carol for the "Strike the Harp" compilation, sold well in 2010. It was listed in CD Baby's December 2010 Folk Picks Newsletter.

She is more than a whistler and entertainer, she is also the owner/moderator of Orawhistle and its databases and museum filing system. She works as Editor for the "Whistling" category for Open Directory, which is a volunteer-run organization that creates the core directory services for the Web's largest and most popular search engines and portals. Some of these include Netscape Search, AOL Search, Google, and hundreds of others.

Although the nominee is not with us today, and will be surprised since she does not know of her nominators, please applaud Linda Hamilton from Toronto Canada as the 2011 female IWC Entertainer of the Year."